George Shaw

I notice he has actually been shortlisted for the Turner prize ! However with the usual critics’ caveats on the radio ie popular , easy to reproduce , photorealist etc. Actually those speaking could not have seen his actual work . Habib and I went up to Newcastle , sometime in March I think , to see Dan Holdsworth’s treated photographs at the Baltic and found these amazing paintings on another floor . They are photorealist in that they are recognizable renditions of a particular kind of architecture and landscape with the use of Humbrol enamels increasing the colour accuracy . However I decided not to get the catalogue precisely because the reproductions do not at all capture the impact of the paintings . They are drenched in emotion in a way that some photographs indeed are able to be .

The exhibition ( The Sly and Unseen Day ) is on until 15 May at the BALTIC centre for contemporary art in Gateshead .


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  1. dapherbs says:

    Then I went up with my brothers, who, I think, were sceptical at first but were both blown away by the mood and intensity of George Shaw’s work – made us all sort of nostalgic for our own homepatch and the disappearance of a way of life. You relate boring details about your childhood and it’s now social history! Scary!

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