Some explanations

I stopped renting a studio in 2010 – believing I could work at home in my room while saving money . This turned out to be impossible ; as many have found before me I am sure ! With the help of some ( free) life coaching from Alissa Juvan I started drawing every day by bringing an A4 pad and watercolour pencils into the kitchen . This was to get me started on doing SOMETHING ‘arty’ as opposed to trying to sell stuff . Unexpected personal disasters led to my daily drawing becoming a kind of diary – perhaps why most of these drawings ended up on my ( personal ) fb page . I probably won’t keep them there forever – it no longer seems appropriate . The tree drawings and maybe their derivatives are destined for a new blog that my partner , a medical herbalist , is in the process of setting up as a collaboration . The others have been designs for new work , greetings cards , colour & line studies , hand-eye co-ordination exercises etc. More seriously , perhaps , I have noticed the re-emergence of dragons ( a longtime obsession I thought was over ) and that my drawings of trees seem to be moving me towards landscapes . I am also more drawn to other landscape artists’ work – I used to hate the genre/subject ! Never say never . Anyway here are some of my drawings July 2010 – March 2011 :


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One Response to Some explanations

  1. dapherbs says:

    When you see them all tohgether – wow! And I love the new morphing banner.

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