Wood dragons

This is the drawing I finished last week but could not fit on my scanner . It is a full page of an old sketchbook – very good paper but clearly not in the ‘A’ sizing – maybe foolscap ? It is the right proportion for the view in a local wood that this is based on but I won’t be doing it again – unless I get an A3 scanner . I was trying to draw the trees so that they looked draconian in the way that they are often portrayed as humanoid . I’m not sure this worked . I was continuing my ideas about the nature of wood & dragons and how the Chinese view both as having to do with the energy of Spring . The greenness of the  mostly beech tree bark is not I think just due to moss coating but is seasonal .

Mostly this week I have been making cards which is always fun when it isn’t December . It also takes up time so that I didn’t get back to work on my latest textile piece which is waiting with the right colour embroidery thread in the machine .  I’m nervous about it somehow . The design colours were inspired by oakleaves ( either in Autumn/Winter or in Spring/Summer ) , the shape by previous hangings . It is planned to be circular , ~ 1m diameter , with the outer wheel being silk  but the centre being felt ( already made some years ago ) . This reverses many previous ‘wheels’ of mine and so will get me into using more embroidery on silk and less felt .

Centre showing Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter colours

Oak leaf felt

The idea is that the embroidery colours will vary going outwards while the silk colours will vary going round the circle so that there should be some matching , some toning & some contrasting effects – just as happened in the felt piece .





Partially embroidered on Autumn/Winter half


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