The textile work is going very slowly . I have had continuing dental problems which should not make a difference and continuing problems with my ageing and increasingly demented mother which most certainly do . I suppose it brings me face to face with the basic issue of being an artist in my family . How can I do something that brings in so little money and have it  regarded as ‘ real work ‘ ? ( A quote from my mother when asked why I should not do what she was looking forward to in retirement ie art  ” but that is after a lifetime of real work ! ” ) Because as an artist without a studio ( we can’t afford it ) I work from home , my time is not really valued . After all I have no employer to get annoyed if I am called on the telephone or have to go out shopping . And this is all so ingrained .

Actually my mother’s family are often very talented and highly civilized , not at all philistine – I was always being taken to museums , galleries , theatres as a child . But somehow I imbibed the idea that we should be consumers and not producers of art . At least unless as a hobby to relax after a hard day as a highly paid professional ! Since my mother always drew , painted and sewed better than me is the difference just what I call myself ? Or do I work harder at it ? I certainly hope so ! And of course she never had any interest in ‘mud pies’ ( clay ) which is what I feel I was born for .

And that is another sobering thought ; I call myself a ceramic and textile artist but I haven’t worked in clay for 10 , nearly 11 years . I sold my kiln to help family finances but have never been able to replace it . Must I go back to evening classes ? But we couldn’t afford that either . I dream about clay .


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  1. always such a challenge balancing life and work, could you “rent” some space in another potter’s kiln for an occasional firing?

    • rukshanaafia says:

      The trouble is it would have to be someone really nearby ( whom I have not yet found ) since we have no car and I would be dependent on my partner to drive anyway . You know what it’s like carrying greenware even a few yards and I tend to do sculptural handbuilt pieces with fragile spikes etc ! The cheapest option would actually be to build a small kiln in the back yard which could fire to high earthenware . My son was very keen but it’s probably illegal in such a built up area and I wouldn’t be able to take it with me – never mind what my partner would think of using his precious garden space .

      • I know what you mean – I’ve been transporting greenware 12 miles to the group’s kiln and lost several bits off my dragons. I’ve been lucky enough to be offered a small kiln, cheap but still an sizable investment for me…hope you find a way!

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