Uppers & downers

I managed to get out for a run this morning and had 2 ideas for further drawings while in the woods . Having finished the large Wood Dragons piece I’ve got a bit more confidence both about combining what I’ve learnt about drawing objects with ideas I want to express in a 2d format and working on a larger scale than A4 . After all I only started A4 drawings because I just happened to have an A4 sketchbook and it was a bit easier to carry than my A3 , particularly after the carrying case for it disintegrated .

Anyway the first picture that entered my head unbidden was of a group of dragons eating a dead one on top of a rounded hill as if lying on a heap of treasure . Clearly the literary reference was to CS Lewis’s ” Voyage of the Dawn Treader ” where he says something to the effect that dragons like nothing to eat so much as fresh dragon . However I like dragons generally so the visual references were to carrion birds flying in to a corpse to feast until nothing is left but ( clean ) bones ; with the idea behind it of letting nothing go to waste ie any nourishment left after something has died/ ended should be made use of . This led me on to think of dragons shedding their skins like other reptiles ( “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ” again ) and stepping out of them apparently renewed – and so wondering if the Phoenix legend had come from the observation of birds or reptiles ? So that was the 2nd visual idea ; a dragon shedding old skin . I can see this might be very tricky – old reptilian skin is practically colourless but dryish and clouded , how can this be  visually interesting and convey what is happening ? Still challenges are all in the game and the other drawing might be worse because of the compositional problems of placing more than 2 dragons even if there is fun to be had choosing their colours .

And the downers ? Mostly problems sans solution with my mother . What can be done about her poor cat who never knows when or if she might be fed and is trapped in the house all the time – but is essential as a companion and mouser ? How can my mother be prevented from driving without her becoming frantic about the car keys ? Most of all how can anyone get her to eat enough ?


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