Dragons in progress…

The 1st 3 sketches are for my idea of several dragons eating a dead one – I’ve never done preparatory sketches for a drawing or painting before . I can see all too clearly the problems I’ve set up for myself ! In my mind’s eye I could see the dragons eating on a rounded hill with others wheeling in from a distance . In fact a hill with the curvature I want isn’t wide enough for 3 dragons , and I hadn’t considered a static viewpoint ( where is it ? ) from which to see them flying .

The last sketch is of a dragon newly out of it’s old skin – it must look a bit ragged but not this shapeless , surely ? I saw endless videos of people’s boring pet lizards shedding to get ideas – probably I should have based this on what I remember of my 1st husband’s pet snake shedding because she was a lot more dignified .

Back to the drawing board indeed .


About rukshanaafia

Ceramic & textile artist
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One Response to Dragons in progress…

  1. great ideas and I like the way your drawings develop the flight paths

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