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I went to see Gordon Baldwin’s ” Objects for a Landscape ” in York when I was there on Friday ( – look at their special exhibitions ) . He does handbuilt sculptural ceramics so I felt I should like it more than I did . At least part of my problem was with the way it was presented ; as Fine Art rather than the other wonderful ceramics which they have there . The notes insisted that he does not ” decorate ” ( their quotation marks ) the surfaces of his pots – as if that were not a technical term in ceramics – but puts various marks which are always related to the form . Which I would describe as good decoration . They also went on about how everything was a vessel or a bowl . 1stly a bowl is a vessel , 2ndly handbuilding with coils tends to produce vessels – I’m not sure offhand that you can get much else .

Also this week I started to take online image security more seriously and have embarked on changing all my image filenames . Next I will start watermarking ; at least my drawings – I’m not sure how far it is necessary to go with photographs of 3d work , or even textiles .

The 3rd thing this week has been my son’s chair coming home to be photographed in a variety of working situations . He has designed and made it primarily to be used at a computer workstation but I used it for my sewing machine and noticed that the greater height gave me much better control of the sewing . Of course it should have been obvious to me that the ideal height for eating is not the same as for working .


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