These are 2 halves of a single A3 study  although I had to scan them separately because I still don’t own an A3 scanner ( one day when I sell something large….) . I haven’t been getting anywhere near even setting up the sewing machine and it is still too cold for drawing outside and I just HAD to do something real and not virtual . I’ve done lots of drawings using parallel lines of related colours so I did a more complicated one than usual where the problems of relating the important colours and shapes were that much harder . I’m satisfied with my solution . Why parallel lines ? Another solution to an earlier problem – colour mixing . I am better at sorting out colour components , almost prismatically , than adding them . Also I like lines ! And of course it imitates a common machine ( and hand ) embroidery technique . So this could always be ‘just’ a study for a future textile piece .


About rukshanaafia

Ceramic & textile artist
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