Plaque: ‘Allah’

I got an award this week for blogging . This was quite a thrill despite there being no money or ( audible ) fanfare involved ! It’s a participant award by & for bloggers and works a bit like a chain letter ( in the nicest possible way ) . If you get it you have to thank the giver , write down 7 random facts about yourself and then give it to 10 others . I worked out that , unfortunately , I couldn’t give it to my giver or one of my co-recipients so there are only 8 in my list .

So here goes – thank you to Kellee Conrad  for the award at right       and here are my 8 bloggers whose posts I never miss :

Jean Nicolazzo at Sixty Days

Anne Jenkins at AnneJenkinsart

Joy Kreves at Little Bang Theories

Nashay Jones at As I am , Reborn : The Art of Nyela

Renee Delight at Art=Life

Donald Purves at Wild Indigo Herbal Medicine

Habib Purves at Habib Jafar Purves’ Blog

Roxanna Rendon at Painting Blurbs

More difficult to work out are the 7 random facts !

1 – I prefer savoury to sweet foods .

2 – My favourite colour is any shade between blue & green .

3 – Being a vulgar oriental I prefer gold to silver ( expensive ) but anything coloured to diamonds . Even enamel & glass ( cheap ) .

4 – If I believed in reincarnation , which I don’t , I’d want to come back as a cat .

5 – 5 things I couldn’t live without : friends , rice , spice , silk and jasmine .

6 – I would have liked to have been dressed by Chanel in the 1930s but I would have argued about the colours ! Red & black yes , beige & navy no .

7 – Many things have made my heart leap at different times – but it’s my son who still does consistently .

The images at the head and foot of this post are to remind me to thank God .

Double ‘Allah’

Triple ‘Allah’


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Ceramic & textile artist
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2 Responses to Award

  1. Love the seven random facts, Rukshana. Especially wanting to be dressed by Chanel in the 30’s (in red and black!). They give me a good sense of who you are. And thanks for the shout-out. I’m glad to have you as a reader. I’ll check out the other blogs you’ve listed – you obviously have good taste! ; )

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