Trees , leaves , blossom maybe .

Looking up through oak leaves May 2012

Just after we were promised unseasonable cold until mid June we started having a heat wave which is still on . I feel/felt I should be out drawing blossom since the late spring’s horse chestnut , hawthorn , elder and rowan are out ( or coming or going ) . However I became more interested in the difference between horse chestnut and oak leaves when viewed from below with light behind them . So I drew the oak leaves 1st and am working on the chestnut drawing . Both will add to my collection of possible illustrations for the new blog my partner and I have finally published the 1st post of ,  Trees as Healers . He is a medical herbalist and will be doing most of the text . Since we both have wordpress blogs otherwise Blogger was somewhat counter intuitive to deal with ! Which is probably why it still has an Autumn/winter colour scheme although we planned to change it with the seasons . We’ll get round to it .

I have also been thinking about various odd bits of ceramic designed for other pieces and either surplus  ( beads ) or mistakes     ( flat shapes ) . I want to arrange them in a flat wooden tray or box ( yes like Louise Nevelson ! ) rather than simply put them on a backing for hanging . I will probably end up buying several cutlery trays and modifying them as necessary rather than try and make one from scratch which will , as usual , be more expensive anyway . Of course I first have to find the pieces in among the stuff moved out of my studio in a hurry when we could no longer afford it – which means tackling my room …


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