Chestnut leaves etc

Looking up through horse chestnut leaves

The only proper work I’ve done this last 10 days or so – aside from struggling with this blog ( trying to post 3 different galleries ! ) & keeping up with stuff online generally . The interesting difference with horse chestnut compared to the previous oak drawing is that here the background is dark from the branches . This is the case even in brilliant sunlight when the greens are quite vivid , because the sun’s rays come in slantwise  through the umbrella-like layers . Oak trees have quite a different sort of habit carrying their dagged leaves far away from the thicker boughs and branches so that they make lacy patterns against the sky .


About rukshanaafia

Ceramic & textile artist
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One Response to Chestnut leaves etc

  1. rrendon86 says:

    Ooh I am liking this a lot, how the overlapping shapes of the leaves are making a new pattern.

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