Another gallery visit

So on Friday we went to the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery at Leeds University , which I’ve been to often but they always have some different things on display because the collection is so large . This time my friend pointed out 2 Jacob Kramer works and I realised that I haven’t seen much of his stuff in Leeds or elsewhere despite his being an eminent enough son of Leeds to have the Art College named after him ! Perhaps this was anti-semitism ?

Snow at Wharfdale : Willhelmina Barns-Graham

Speaking of prejudice we found 2 very interesting women artists who had very little information given ( compared to the men ) . Wilhelmina Barns-Graham turned out to be Scottish and owe her long , productive career to sustained support and encouragement from an aunt ( her father not being at all happy with artistic ambitions ) . Her work extends from the more ‘realistic’ to the more ‘abstract’ relative to the example at left but her colours are always wonderful and the paintings obviously based on observation . A short biography and links to images of all her work can be found at barns-grahamtrust .

Therese Lessore was the 3rd wife of Sickert – perhaps a mixed blessing ! She was described as “peculiarly feminine ” in her work . Enough said ? The picture below is the one we saw ; other images can be found at . Again , wonderful colour but almost entirely figurative – lots of circus and theatre scenes .

The Hop Pickers : Therese Lessore


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