New departure ?

Twenty squares

Instead of doing flower drawings ( which I should have been doing throughout May and June ) I finally got down to something at least a bit harder than my usual coloured doodles which have been such a good way of getting back into doing anything . I like the idea of lots of small things , complete in themselves also making up a bigger whole . I’ve tried this sometimes with varying success and still have my head crammed with ideas for elaborate tile panels ! I’ve only tried it on paper before with cutouts and a very limited colour scheme . Here I was partly thinking of a Klee painting I saw years ago which looked like an arrangement of miniature square Klees !

I want to do this again but think I’ll have to have a clearer arrangement eg based on the rainbow ; and use several media but without having to wash over the watercolour crayon which was both difficult physically because of the number of colours used and difficult to keep track of . I suppose I could have washed every square as I completed it but that has other drawbacks .


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