More Squares

” 35 squares ” . Felt tip & watercolour crayon , 25.3cm x 35.4cm ( 10″ x 14″ )

For some reason wordpress will not allow me to crop this permanently . Perhaps it is just as well because , since I still do not have an A3 scanner , the shop where I had it scanned has done it slightly skew and missed off a sliver at the bottom ! ( Yes they are all supposed to be squares . )

Anyway this took a lot of time and not so enjoyable slog so I won’t be trying it again for a while . I did think of all the squares I started cutting out in velvet and corduroy to make a patchwork outer layer for a warm jacket ( which project probably began life before my son did ! ) and thought they would be more rewarding to embroider . After all , I had decided that I will never get much of my real work done if I carry on having fantasies of making my own clothes – it’s bad enough having to do mending and alterations on my sewing machine . It almost feels like using my ceramic tools to make pastry – which I wouldn’t find cute at all . Anyway the velvets & corduroys are in shades of red/brown/pink – all fairly subfusc – so should be quite good to embroider with metallic and glossy threads .


About rukshanaafia

Ceramic & textile artist
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