Velvet & cord squares

OK so I dug out the 3″ squares of velvet , needlecord & corduroy which I had already cut out all those years ago and sorted them into numbered heaps . I have ;

74 of dusty pink velvet

18 of mid-pink cord

13 of dark brownish red velvet

10 of dark purplish red velvet

8 of beige corduroy

5 of scarlet needlecord

4 of brown corduroy

3 of coral needlecord &

2 of black velvet .

Because there are more dusty pink squares than all the others put together I decided to make the colour pattern after the Ancient Egyptian method as opposed to the way systematically inclined children ( as I was ) tend to , ie ABACADAE etc rather than ABCDE . Clearly the dusty pink will be A . As to the others I haven’t finalised the order yet but it may well be in order of brightness/lightness since I want the resulting hanging to be longer than it is wide and this would give it a vertical direction . There are 63 other squares so I will still only use up 63 or 64 of the dusty pink but it’s all going to bigger than I 1st envisaged . So far I’ve come up with proportions of 9 x 14 which looks a bit short and 7 x 18 which looks a bit long . Perhaps I can arrange the bottom in a chevron ?

I was going to machine embroider but decided that the squares were too small so it will be a longterm handwork project . This has been fun so far and less daunting broken up into small pieces than trying to hand embroider 27″ x 42″ from the off . I’m also able to try my techniques and materials for hand embroidering felt on velvet – crewel needles , stranded and corded embroidery thread , metallic crochet thread . This is a nice alternative to the freehand machine embroidery of the oakleaves piece .


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2 Responses to Velvet & cord squares

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  2. Kathy Bergen says:

    I love your hand embroidered squares. I’m interested in cruel needles and cruel working….having done only embroidery, myself. It is very good and happy for me to see you posting and working again!

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