Not quite mixed

Unusually for me this was a direct attempt to portray a mood – a very negative one . I really am not a painter ! Until I tried  I had not reckoned on the clash between an unpleasant emotional state and my endless desire to use colour to obtain beauty . How naive is that !

Halfway through I intended to add collage and get a true mixed media effect because otherwise I could see it was going to look like a poor imitation of digital art . However I was fairly sure it wouldn’t fit the scale of the felt tip/watercolour crayon combination which I am increasingly using . Perhaps I should try the whole thing again on a much larger scale ?

As to Ramadhan’s effect on my work , I haven’t done any more than before . As with all other activities I’ve slowed down almost to zero . The trouble is that here in the northern UK each fast day in summer is 17-18 hours which means that the exhaustion is  cumulative .


About rukshanaafia

Ceramic & textile artist
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