Another new departure

‘Flowerfish’ . A4 , watercolour crayon , felt tip , collaged monoprint .

On my facebook Page someone suggested that my drawings could be backgrounds for mixed media work . I’ve been mulling it over for awhile and have taken the plunge this last week .

Initially I’m going to use drawings I’m not 100% happy with , old prints &  digital landscapes from college , and combine them using collage . I’ve made collaged greetings cards for several years . I only used to use cards , calendars and wrapping paper because the tight recycling pleased me ( and I liked disguising where it all came from ! ) – whereas simply reusing cards as Friends of the Earth suggested seemed so naff . I don’t regard the cards as equivalent to frameable stuff like drawings and anyway never make enough for more than my own use so I’ve never tried to sell them . Before college I used to make greetings cards from papercuts so I’m pretty confident with scissors or , better yet , craft knife and cutting board . I wish I could feel the same way about brushes !

The other thing I’m investigating is how oil paint is made and how far one can depart from industrial practice and still get something useable ? It may be just a 1st impression and thus inaccurate but it does seem as if painters are less interested in their supplies and less critical of their suppliers than potters are with subsequently less of a DIY tradition . Or is that unfair ?


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