Mixed media

‘Red flowers flying’ . A3 – watercolour crayon , collaged prints .

” Blue Knights 5 ” . A3 – collaged prints + digital landscape , watercolour crayons , felt tips .

I sold my drawing of oak leaves against a pale sky last week which has had the effect of making me work with increased enthusiasm on my mixed media ideas for the last few days . I’ve completed the above 2 and have almost finished another – I need to leave it another day to see if I need to do more to it . As to these ; the 2 red flowers are slightly different shades – which do not show up well on reproduction but simply looked right on the base drawing . The knights came from horse prints based on a museum drawing ; I liked the idea of combining chess and cards ! The 5 is because I see 5 as a blue number . Yes I’m synaesthetic and was reminded of it by some interesting discussions in the ‘Women Artists’ group on LinkedIn . ( By the way if you are a woman artist and you haven’t joined yet – do .) It makes having a computer worthwhile . That’s also where I got the idea of collaging old drawings .

The other thing I must do is complete Linda’s questions for an online interview . Of course there are always other things – like accounts & housework but I meant more fun/selfish stuff !


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One Response to Mixed media

  1. sharon says:

    great news Rukshana – thanks for blogging updates. I always thought 5 was a dull yellow with blue flecks and smells interesting.

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