Lots of things

” Sunset clouds ” . A3 – monoprint , drawing , its own minimized inkjet print , wrapping paper , watercolour crayon .

This was what I hadn’t quite finished before . The combination of purple/mauve  and coral/peach in sunsets is an obsession of mine and I have in mind 2 further pieces , in textiles – once I finish current textiles . I have 2 pieces of machine embroidery waiting as well as the hand embroidered squares . There is also a ceramic tile panel where the tiles and the planned layout are waiting . Not finishing things is a bad habit to get into .

I did a mixed media piece years ago which is very small and on cardboard so it wasn’t carefully wrapped and labelled . Now I can’t find it altho’ I remember seeing it sometime this year . Typical of my room/studio which I should be spending time sorting out rather than wanting to start more pieces ! It’s always more fun ( even with the hard work ) than that or accounts isn’t it ? Clearly I’m going to have to blog more often – it acts as an external spur to action , any action . When I started blogging on every date divisible by 7 , I thought it would give me respite every 4 weeks but this last gap I missed it . I’ll have to do an extra post in between in future . ( And yes this should have gone out yesterday but I couldn’t even log in last night . )


About rukshanaafia

Ceramic & textile artist
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