Another unproductive week !

Well to be honest I have been ill since last Thursday , most of the time . Next week I will see the acupuncturist so I can put that worry on hold . This last week has been a gradual crescendo of preparation for Habib to go south to start his Product Design degree ( at Brunel ) . So maybe next week I will suddenly do my accounts and lots of pieces will get finished !

To remind myself that I was once upon a time really good at ceramics ……

Here’s to being able to pick up where I left off some time in the future .


About rukshanaafia

Ceramic & textile artist
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3 Responses to Another unproductive week !

  1. great work and I don’t think it’s at all unproductive – getting ready to send Habib off to uni is very productive. Hope you get time soon to be creative with clay

  2. Hi Rukshana.. so glad you posted the invitation and the link to come over to your ‘house’ to see your work. I have scrolled through much and love that your work has light in it and movement.
    Hope that you are feeling better and that your son is doing well in his new place.
    I always always love what you write over on Linked in.

  3. Kathy Bergen says:

    Rukshana, I love your ceramin work…it is exceptional. A way must be found to get you another kiln.

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