Yellow with green . A3 – collaged drawings , ribbon .

Yellow with blue . A3 – collaged drawings+inkjet print of 1 of them .

I didn’t post this yesterday because the art shop with the A3 scanner was shut in the afternoon . I must work out how to get one for myself because I’m really unhappy with the colour reproduction and increasingly I can’t correct it sufficiently once I get it off the stick .

Why yellow ? I don’t like wearing the colour but that shouldn’t be a reason not to use it if I claim not to dislike it . Thus the above attempts to use it as a major element . Yellow and blue are not just complementary but , as my mother pointed out long ago , clearly important in both Vermeer and Van  Goghs’ work . Yellow and green should be easier to work with but weren’t – I kept trying to cut the green out more and more and then also increase the orange in the background to make it more noticeable .

I am unlikely to work in yellow textiles because I don’t have offcuts since I don’t have yellow clothes . I could dye neutrals with onion skin but can I be bothered ? As to ceramics I very much dislike the classic yellow-toned lead-based glazes on earthenware . At higher temperatures I have an iron speckle sandy glaze which opens up possibilities . The brighter uranium and cadmium glazes which I have only seen illustrated would really worry me .


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2 Responses to Yellow

  1. Primrose Hill High had a jar of a Uranium salt! It was really yellow.

  2. Kathy Bergen says:

    I love your Yellow and Blue collaged drawings…beautiful. And your Yellow and Green. This, then, is why you asked the wearing of colors you use in our Linkedin Woman Artist group. Very nice, Rukshana. I love yellow…not always, but sometimes I must have yellow around me…used to wear it. Need to get a yellow blouse. It does brighten and intensefy my spirits.

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