More reasons/excuses

Things I was going to do this week to do with my work :

1 Complete accounts

2 Fix fb business Page

3 Sort out the galleries on this blog

4 Change header & background on same

5 Set up blogroll & other links ditto

6 Fill in all gaps ditto

7 Draw the cat in more than sleeping positions

8 Catch the last trees with Autumn colouring

9 Work on a conceptual collage of 3 different drawing1

10 Work on oakleaf silk hanging

That’s just what I planned , not by any means what has to be done . I didn’t do any of it .

I won’t go into all the things I should have done in the house or for my mother except to say that I did some of it . As to the art – I must try again next week !

Now what picture to indicate hope springing eternal ?

Red-grey 1

Red-grey2 – Inside thorn

Red-grey 3 – fire




About rukshanaafia

Ceramic & textile artist
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One Response to More reasons/excuses

  1. awilla says:

    that sounds like a lot to do!

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