In the middle of a collage


I’ve been trying to get started on this all week . The drawing at the top is to be cut up and then partly covered by the 2 below also cut up . This always takes much longer than I think . I don’t just play around with the pieces until it looks right – I’d rather have a clear idea of where everything is going 1st before any cutting and glueing . Then if extra is needed at the end it will just be the last layer . This time I had no backing A3 coloured/textured sheet so I am concerned that no white should show . 3xA4 drawings ought to be enough but I won’t be using all of each so I was thinking of yet another drawing :

This could be the background in the middle , perhaps . I’ve started by washing the drawings that are as yet just dry crayon but may have to do more work on them – I’m not yet sure .

It is finally too cold and the days too short to work outside so I relinquish the trees ( yet again ! ) until Spring . This winter I must do more indoor drawing – people and cats perhaps . I really envy those with acceptable surroundings who can do views out of a window !


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One Response to In the middle of a collage

  1. I really like the rainbow coloured one.

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