Finished collage

” Two red phases ” A3 – collaged drawings , gold ink .

So I have finished it and had it scanned . In the end I got 2 gold pens of different widths because I could not find the holder for my calligraphy nibs ! I have plenty of ink of various colours . It looks a little too delicate perhaps for my original intention but that may be more appropriate – now that I think about the reason for the original 3 drawings and their arrangement in 2 layers .

I am going to do some more A4 collages because I have found a few background sheets that I like . And since the cat is spending more time indoors I should be able to do more drawing there .


About rukshanaafia

Ceramic & textile artist
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2 Responses to Finished collage

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  2. Wooooaaaahhhhhh. Totally awesome. šŸ™‚

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