4 collages



These are 4 x A4 pieces I completed this week using drawings & photographs I was less than satisfied with or which were no longer useful . 3 of them used interesting paper with different patterns & colours of flecks which I have exaggerated with watercolour crayon . I decided not to add any calligraphy to the 3 without it – they don’t have to match ! I’ll have to stop doing this kind of thing for December because I need to make some more cards – and I collage them too , although I use ‘found’ stuff as raw material .

Last weekend we went down to London and Habib showed us an amazing piece of work at the Science Museum in their contemporary art section . It’s called ‘ Listening Post ‘ by Mark Hansen & Ben Rubin and is not at all my sort of thing , usually . It consists of real time sampled and sorted pieces of textual data from web chatrooms and forums . Arranged in movements like music each piece of data is spoken/sung by synthesized voices at least once when it 1st appears . The 1st movement was just usernames , the 2nd ‘I am’ variants , the 3rd other texts , the 4th ads for commercial products ; at least when we were there . I haven’t given a link because the 2 videos I found simply do not give an accurate impression but there are plenty of reviews and explanations if you Google it . It is now permanently at the Science Museum so visit it if you can – before chatrooms or forums become obsolete and it falls silent as predicted .


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