Painting and drawing class : week 1

Last year I applied to join a 10 week oil painting class but there were not enough students interested for it to run . This year the same tutor , Geraldine Thompson , put on this class – delayed until now so it can only be 5 weeks long . She is a portrait & landscape painter . You can see her work here .

I’ve been intrigued by my online painter friends and wanted to learn specifically how oil paints work , what the techniques are . I think her approach is what I am after . She made the point that even those in the class with no experience must have some talent visually otherwise they would have joined a choir or drama group instead . Given that she was clear that ‘procedures’ , ways of working CAN be taught .

So 1st we had to draw something , anything for 10 minutes so that she could get an idea of us individually then we went on to stuff about the 4 basic shapes out of which everything can be constructed . I recall this vaguely from a book ( or lecture about art education ? ) and I’m not sure about it ! Still . Then we drew these objects using their shadowed sides and cast shadows to define them – they were all white on a white background .

fcone       unfcyl 1

I didn’t finish the cylinder so it is topless ! I’ve increased the contrast on the drawings – otherwise the various pale greys were almost indistinguishable – like drawing clouds . She said if you could draw these shadows you could draw anything and always to draw shadows 1st because the sun moves faster than you can draw . So I thought ‘I’ve never drawn shadows in my life !’ . Truly I am a 3d ( ceramics ) or surface pattern ( textiles ) designer/maker and I approach drawing like that . It is either single colour lines as contours or multicoloured lines and blocks making up a flat pattern .

Conclusion ? I’ve got even more to learn than I thought .



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2 Responses to Painting and drawing class : week 1

  1. kathy bergen says:

    Rukshana, it is evident that you put a lot of thought and work into these 2 shape drawings…wow, your contrasts are wonderful! I have never been able to draw using the basic geometric shapes….just as I have never been able to follow a pattern or receipe as written. You will also find that when you start painting, you will draw with the paint brush a lot. I am glad you are taking a drawing class!!! Good luck!

    • rukshanaafia says:

      Thank you , Kathy . I remember drawing with the paintbrush when I was at primary school . The other thing I did to fake painting was ‘colouring in’ drawings . I knew even then that that wasn’t real painting !

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