Painting & Drawing : Week 2

This week continued with more drawing exercises – we had to do 3 . Firstly Geraldine got us to draw up a straight line geometric pattern on a 4 inch square grid – then we had to fill this in using only black to white tones from our 9-part tonal scale of last week . As in the famous map theorem no 2 adjoining spaces could have the same tone . I do this sort of thing all the time – except with colour ! – so found it fairly easy although I haven’t yet completed my pattern because it was more complex than most . patterntonesme

Next she got us to do 8 drawings based on emotions – happy , joy , anger , depression , surprise , lonely , disappointment , fear ( yes I know 2 are adjectives ) . The problem here was that I can’t visually represent feeling without colour & also that she told us not to represent actual objects . Worse yet she listed examples of things NOT to draw ! Well what happens to you if you are asked not to think about balloons ? So I haven’t scanned the ‘doodles’ .

Lastly she asked us to copy this Picasso drawing upside down –PicassoIS

This was supposed to be easier than doing it the right way up because we would just concentrate on the lines and not be scared by copying a portrait drawing – not for me ! Copying drawings is fairly easy for me – after all someone else has already done the hard work – and I like to understand the structure of the things I’m drawing . Here , although it was obviously an almost caricatured clothed & seated man , I didn’t get the style of chair or even that he had his legs crossed underneath all that creased lumpiness . Perhaps if it had been the right way up some of my lines would have met in the right places or diverged at more accurate angles .PicassoISme

Next week is collage from a photograph to learn more about tones – which will leave only 2 weeks for watercolour and oils . Still there will be 2 x 5 hour painting days in June .





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3 Responses to Painting & Drawing : Week 2

  1. kathy bergen says:

    I am enjoying reading about this art course and seeing your work in the weekly assignments! Your geometrical design is excellent, even if not finished…I wonder if I could ever do so well at this. I have seen that drawing by Picasso in art classes before…and have drawn it upside down. It is also a way to use your create right brain…it is a good drawing excersize. I am amazed at how well yours came out!!!

  2. dapherbs says:

    Like the geometric pattern piece – still effective without colour.
    Great draughtsmanship on the Picasso copy.

  3. rukshanaafia says:

    Thanks , both .

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