Painting and Drawing : week 3

I had not finished my tonal pattern during the week – I must do it before next – so had nothing to show the class – I had brought my completed 1st drawing of all ,

R-Afiapinktulip2-5-14  but it was just the sort of thing I do & had nothing to do with the set exercises .

This week we had to reduce a photo of our choice to 4 tones of coloured paper which was collaged together in simplified shapes . We did tiny sketches 1st to practise simplification – not difficult for any designer . I cut out freehand which is more tricky/fun and used the brown tones . I should have used the grey but , as I said to Geraldine , I’m dying for lack of colour !

Here’s what I got –


from this Greenpeace postcard –


Next week we will finally start on painting ( watercolour ) , although it will apparently still be monochromatic .



About rukshanaafia

Ceramic & textile artist
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2 Responses to Painting and Drawing : week 3

  1. kathy bergen says:

    Wow! Nice Work! You can really draw well. In your monochromatic drawing of the 2 bears, your use of shading is very well done…I would have had all kinds of difficuties with the various tones and how much to shade. And I love your beautiful flower design…I was never very good at designing. I also love the colors you choice in the flower piece. Keep it up!

  2. rukshanaafia says:

    Thanks ! We were restricted to 4 tones by having to use coloured paper .

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