Painting & Drawing : week 4

This was last Thursday . Geraldine showed us some watercolour techniques ; washes , graduated ( tonal ) washes and the famous ‘wet in wet’ . What I had not understood was how important ( & expensive ) the paper is for watercolours . Even with watercolour crayon I had had the paper buckling – if you don’t want that you have to pay ! She also explained about the paints themselves . I was relying on a boxed set found in my mother’s art materials and had brought some tubes along as well . Geraldine said the set was really tempera and so too opaque but the tubes were the best way to buy watercolour since even when dried up they simply become like the usual solid blocks of colour .

Photo on 2014-05-19 at 17.36 Only 6 colours – so I must at least get a blue .

Then she set us a monochrome tonal piece to , basically , copy after doing quick sketches of it . I wish we were not always copying photos or photocopies of other images – the modern version of copying Old Masters or drawing plaster casts of figurative sculpture ! I’m afraid I went on experimenting with the washes and wet-in-wet effects .

wcexp1 wcexp2She had pointed out that some effects had been regarded as faults , classically . I got interested in how one might use this for abstract or semi-abstract work and remembered Jalaliyyih Quinn’s amazing very large watercolour paintings which alas I have not seen in ‘real life’ . Jalaliyyih said she could only work in her free , meditative way with watercolour . See her website here .

There is only one more week and then the next 2 Thursdays will be full 5 hour painting days . Most will probably use acrylic – if I want to use watercolour I’ll have to get some practice in . She said I could use my usual watercolour crayons or combine them with the paints . I am disappointed never to have made it to the oils – apparently there is never enough interest for the numbers to warrant the cheaper fees and the venue . So it would be essentially private lessons .

( And I finally finished the 4 tone pattern drawing ! )


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3 Responses to Painting & Drawing : week 4

  1. kathy bergen says:

    I enjoyed reading about your attempts and what you know and have learned of watercolor painting here. I’ve never been too successful with watercolors…I used to use guache instead, which can be opaque or transparent. I liked some of the effects of your wet techniques here. Do you really not have oil painting classes in Leeds? Keep up the great work!

  2. rukshanaafia says:

    Thanks , Kathy . When I used to use designer’s gouache/poster colour it was completely opaque – I wonder if there are different kinds ?

  3. kathy bergen says:

    With gouache the transparantcy (or watercolor effect) is achieved simply by the amount of water you use. And it is something that each artist has to get used to so that they know what they are doing…just practice.

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