Painting & drawing : week 5

This was the final week of this short course and I thought I had everything I needed . I had bought 3 tubes of students’ watercolour ( Windsor & Newton Cotman ) – Lamp black , Chinese white and Cobalt hue . I think ‘hue’ means it isn’t really cobalt . Also I had got some proper watercolour paper – a tiny pad in 300 gsm and a larger in 190 . Yesterday I tried a cloud study and was fairly pleased with the colours but couldn’t at all control the flow or whatever is the technical term . I may try to use it as background for something . What I had not brought was tissue for blotting colour away ! Come to think of it that might improve the clouds too .

Anyway this week was copying another monochromatic watercolour but it was a misty fells landscape rather than last week’s rectangular house . ( Actually I thought it looked like a print . ) When she was showing us how she would build up the scene she used 2 colours and encouraged us to broaden out also . Here’s my effort with the Cobalt violet added once she had got the top off for me with boiling water from a kettle !

RAwc1    I finished it off with my trusty watercolour crayons and think this is really what I will use watercolour for – backgrounds for drawings . The class found this ‘dramatic’ which might be a way of saying ‘lurid’ ! Artwise I’m not sure I have the right temperament for watercolour – like wheelthrown pottery it is too fast for me and as she said ” If you like vigorous drawing watercolour will drive you potty ” . One of my classmates is very , very good already although a beginner . I wish I could remember her name to look out for in the future . Another reason to attend the 2 all day sessions planned for June ….


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One Response to Painting & drawing : week 5

  1. kathy bergen says:

    On the contrary, I love your watercolor painting! It is dramatic in a very sensitive and poetic way. I am a amazed at your first attempts at this medium. I believe we each find mediums that we are more attuned to…yours could be watercolor if that’s what makes your soul come alive.

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