All day painting workshop

The idea is to have this week and the next as 5-hour sessions so that together with the previous classes it will make up 20 hours . I thought this week was going to be painting for everyone whether watercolour or acrylic but Geraldine began with wanting  us all to take photos of different viewpoints of the still lifes we had set up . Since she also said she wanted people to be ‘weaned’ off photos I was puzzled because I have never relied on my own or anyone else’s  for drawing . In the event she made me do it anyway – there were 15 iPads in the room ! Then she said that composition choice must be done with reference to a frame , either cardboard or your hands because the picture/painting must fill the frame – it must not float in the middle . I really don’t agree . Firstly some things look fine ‘floating’ , secondly you can always trim the edges . Finally – and maybe just for me – drawing without plenty of room leads to wrong proportions and hence squashing at the edges .3lilies This was what I was working on and it is already squeezed on 3 sides .

I was difficult because I didn’t want to do the pastel work which she introduced as colour relief after getting us to do tonal sketches of our preferred compositions ( complete with red filters to get rid of the colour ! ) . I hate working with pastel or oil pastel and I have done it before , often . What I planned in the past week was that I would use watercolour crayons to do an initial sketch so that I would have a colour reference , then I would do various washes with the paint in the different major colour areas and finally do details with the crayons again . However when it came down to it I hadn’t the nerve to spray the paper and lay down washes as if I could actually paint ! So I just went on working with the crayons as I do – however ‘harsh’ and hence I suppose naughty they are . I’m also not sure about the dictum that all colours in a composition must be related – what about contrast &  complementaritys’ role in colour design ? Especially if related means mucky coloured base washes .

So I’m in a stroppy mood . I hope to do some more practice before next week so that I might be more open to learning new stuff !


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4 Responses to All day painting workshop

  1. kathy bergen says:

    First of all…your pastel drawing here is absolutely Beautiful!!!! I was awed by it…it is so beautifully rendered. I, too, cannot work with oil pastels. But with chalk pastels, I have done some ok work in the past…that was my very first medium. I think that you need a more advanced painting class…you are too advanced to do the step by step processes the teacher has the class do. And you are a rebel, too, like me…I usually have my own methods that work better for me…as do you. Listen to your inner voice. You are very Talented.

  2. rukshanaafia says:

    I’ve been unclear – I didn’t do any pastel ! I started straight in on the watercolour crayon which is what I’ve shown in the post . It isn’t finished yet . The class has indeed been disappointing & frustrating . Maybe it is unusual now in Art education but I have done lots of drawing for years and years and am really not a beginner . I came to the class for painting and we have done very little – it feels like one of those goals which get further away instead of nearer as time goes on !

  3. kathy bergen says:

    Sorry that I got the pastel wrong! I have never heard of watercolor crayon…what is it like?

    • rukshanaafia says:

      Used dry it behaves like good quality crayon . If you wash over or spray the paper 1st you get the the applied crayon becoming vivid almost like felt tip . If you draw 1st you can wash or paint over the bits you want highlighted and it will look like watercolour paint . The last is how I’ve been using it for 14 years ! Almost all drawings on my Art Page are done like that . Jalal said she used watercolour crayon for details after painting with watercolour . The 2 are certainly very compatible ! Geraldine wanted me to use softer grades of crayon – hence the remark about harshness .

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