2nd all day painting workshop

It was yesterday which unfortunately was quite warm and since the venue was a decommissioned school , actually hotter inside than out . Fortunately no one had brought fish to paint as suggested last week !

First we had to paste torn up newspaper onto watercolour paper without having an accurate idea what it would be for – she kept talking about mixed media but seemed to mean painting on torn collage . Then while it was drying we had to draw with ink using either pens or twigs and experiment with dropping water on etc. There was actually a special store of twigs for this in the cupboard . Apparently Van Gogh used twigs from the roadside . It did occur to me that this was perhaps a misunderstood practice – maybe he had lost or broken a pen ? He never had a lot of money and probably prioritized oil paints . This is oddly reverential & specific – are Winsor & Newton going to bring out specially twig shaped ink instruments ?

ink+wash1 ink+wash2  I like using ink but as you can see once dry the bits with water dropped on them don’t look good – we should have made videos of the ink in water and water in ink since it was fascinating to watch the feathery spread . I did a watercolour wash afterwards which I like & will use in future .

Then it was oil pastels which I dislike . We had to explore what they would do and then use them along with acrylic paint which I also dislike on the newspaper pasted sheet of paper , the subject being what we had brought which we wanted to paint . I’d brought some costume jewellery which was entirely the wrong choice . But at least we were allowed to use watercolour instead of acrylics . I was quite maddened by the newsprint which showed through paint AND oil pastel . Eventually I cut up the newspaper horror and the oil pastel experiment/study and pasted them on a graduated wash . I’m not sure about this –

oillpastelcollage  it looks like Easter eggs ! But it’s still an improvement .

It turned out that the idea had been to show the fish as if it were just unwrapped from the newspaper ! Among other things it has been decades since any food in the UK has been legally sold wrapped in newspaper – and isn’t this a rather literal use of mixed media ? I had been thinking of Theresa Lydia Joseph’s work , she paints in oils with the paper used to provide surface interest .

So I have been even stroppier than last week ! I felt that I was possibly a bit old & experienced to be doing a beginner’s Art course focusing on different drawing media all of which I have used before . I had been told initially that it was painting , then painting & drawing and it became drawing with a little painting at the end – and no one said it was for beginners .


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2 Responses to 2nd all day painting workshop

  1. dapherbs says:

    Got you doing stuff and talking about it though!

  2. kathy bergen says:

    I agree with you that you are too advanced for this course…I have enjoyed seeing the results of your work though…your talent really comes through! You faught a lot of the assignments…but you succeeded in the end, in my opinion. I like that you have such a strong bent of doing things your way…I am like that also. And I agree with the above comment…that it got you doing art and talking about it…very good.

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