More clay & other re-starts

I had hoped to carry on working on the wheel last night , graduating beyond ” the next stage ” to actual pots even if only cylinders . However the replacement tutor did not want us to do anything new and I did not think my grazes were healed enough for another whole evening’s centreing as suggested ! So I began a handbuilt piece to review my skills and get the feel of their stoneware clay . I have usually made pots that were taller than they were wide , press-moulded plates or tiles so I thought I would try to do something wider than it was tall but using some favourite surface decoration . This –whitestglassplate123                          Photo on 2012-08-20 at 18.42

or this .

 EPSON scanner image      whpaisley076

Probably it will be the first – I will see next week when the basic shape should be a little drier and no longer likely to slump .

As to other re-starts . I call them this instead of New Year resolutions because the truth is that I’m always trying to start again on the perfectly organised & highly productive  life . Anyway artwise I must do something every day – I have far too many unfinished textile projects and unstarted ones I have been looking forward to . The unfinished ones are in previous posts . The unstarted ones are all variants on machine embroidered patchwork . I decided to give up felting years ago and recycle some of my huge collection of fabric oddments and no longer worn but undonateable clothes instead . This involves hours of unpicking . The good news is that I can unpick while watching TV or movies , the bad news is that I have temporarily lost/mislaid BOTH of my seam rippers !



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3 Responses to More clay & other re-starts

  1. kathy bergen says:

    I keep loosing my seam un-pickers too…but I refuse to buy a new one. I love the examples you have shown of the surface work you might do on your pottery. I have never taken a pottery class and always wanted to. Your work blows me away…it is excellent. It makes me want to take a class and learn the basics. I do a lot of my sewing work watching tv with a strong light over-head. And I, too, always have wanted to wait til I get everything in perfect order and ready…I finally tossed that concept out the window…as when I am really working everything gets to be a mess. Looking forward to seeing the progress on your pottery work!

  2. jhv57 says:

    I like the concept of restarts-there is only going forward in creativity

  3. rukshanaafia says:

    Oh I hope so !

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