Hors de combat

" Blue Knights 5 " . A3 - collaged prints + digital landscape , watercolour crayons , felt tips .

” Blue Knights 5 ” . A3 – collaged prints + digital landscape , watercolour crayons , felt tips .

I only put that in because my mother said it sounded as if you had fallen off a horse !

I’m recovering from a chest infection so have not been to the pottery class nor done any textile work since Saturday am . I finished pinning & tacking the 2nd synthetic piece ready for embroidery in the next morning light but found as the day wore on that I was getting obssessed with it and it was getting distorted in my mind . This should have told me I was running a fever ! Luckily I didn’t get it out again to re-do .

My old pottery (and art) teacher from secondary school rang us up and gave me the obvious advice about my grazes from centreing – not enough lubrication ! I do have this tendency to chuck lots of water on at first which is immediately flung off , then I concentrate on the left hand & arm . Of course it should be ‘little and often’ with the right hand however fast the centreing is . 2 hands + a machine takes some integrating .


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2 Responses to Hors de combat

  1. dapherbs says:

    I remember this knight. Still working despite the leurgy!

  2. kathy bergen says:

    I am sorry you have been so sick! Wishing you a very quick recovery…and peace to do so. Your fabric piece sounds very interesting and I look forward to seeing it. Hope you can get to your pottery class next week and continue work on your art!

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