Another exhibition ; sculpture mostly

Last Wednesday I went to visit a friend in Grimsby and there was a retrospective exhibition of Harold Gosney’s drawings , paintings and sculpture ‘My Life as an Artist : The last 60 Years’ on in part of the Grimsby Heritage Fishing Centre .


The metal version on the right was in the tiny foyer and very striking . The wooden one on the left was actually the former he made for the metal pieces to be beaten on for the shape . The exhibition upstairs had mostly much smaller pieces and a lot of his preliminary drawings and studies .


He describes himself as a figurative sculptor – usually this means the human figure only but he really does have a thing about horses . ‘The Four horsemen of the Apocalypse’ may have been a full scale commission – I am not sure – but there were several small versions on show including one in wood which looked to me as if it should have had a handle to make the galloping horses go up and down . I preferred his preparatory drawings and paintings to the 3d pieces in this case .


His connection with Grimsby is that he studied at Grimsby School of Art 1954-56 before going to the Slade in London and returned to teach there 1960-92 . He now lives and works in York – I realised I recognized his name from York City Art Gallery where he has work . He became a sculptor because he had to teach it and so researched materials and techniques – actually trying them out ! I do like someone who takes processes seriously .

This last week I have also had to write an essay on contemporary Art ( you know the sort of thing – is it Art ? & other tedious questions ) for my Spanish class which I wrote from the artist’s point of view . I had some fun translating a quotation of his which I love , “…..since all my work is ‘hand-made’ , I have always tried to incorporate good craftsmanship” .

In case you hadn’t noticed I admire his work tremendously and definitely recommend the exhibition if you can get to it . It is on until 2 August 2015 at the Muriel Barker Gallery , Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre , Alexandra Dock , Grimsby .



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2 Responses to Another exhibition ; sculpture mostly

  1. kathy bergen says:

    I very much enjoyed reading this post and seeing the art of Harold Gosney…an artist that I had not heard of before! I never knew that some metal sculpture artists first sculpted a wooden piece to “beat” the metal into shape on! I’m sure the metal also much be softened with heat. I loved his horse sculptures as well as his horse drawings and paintings. But I loved his painted and drawn egrets far more than the sculpted pieces. He is a great artist! Thank you for sharing this in your blog! (I didn’t know you were taking a Spanish class…I always wanted to….)

  2. ashantininja says:

    I am also studying Spanish. I would love to read your piece.

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