More clay – both techniques

Last night my coil pot became so dry while doing the last bits of fiddling on it that I had to stop and acknowledge that it needed final drying and firing before I could do any more . Thank goodness because I am an inveterate fiddler ! Here are some more sketches , unfortunately in biro , of the piece .

pota,bpotcThe last sketch is a view from above .

Having finished this and done prayers I didn’t have much time left but thought I could practise some centreing with the white stoneware clay . To my surprise I found it easier to the hand than the red earthenware we were taught on originally . Having centred it it seemed a waste not to try something so I made a bowl AND successfully cut it off the wheel head etc . I do like the way the white stoneware doesn’t slump all over the place when pulling out and up . I kept thinking I must have pulled it off-centre but if so it went back easily enough . Perhaps because I am so much more used to a grogged clay I had more confidence or maybe there is less complete and utter difference between hand building and wheel throwing than I had been led to believe ? In which case using a preferred clay will have a noticeable advantage .

I may try and make more bowls next week after turning this one . Everything I want to make is bowl-shaped eg teacups (with saucers) . I know Daniel Rhodes says all shapes are based on cylinders but suppose you don’t like mugs or most tall things with handles ? Yes ! – Donald found some of my textbooks as well as my modelling tools . As usual , in a safe place which I didn’t remember later……


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2 Responses to More clay – both techniques

  1. dapherbs says:

    To be fair – they were in a safe place devised by Habib, your loving son

  2. kathy bergen says:

    I am glad that you found your text books and tools! Your proceedures are not familiar to me, as I have not ever done pottery…but I would love to learn. Thanks for posting.

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