Condor & the Mole

Condor & the Mole

Leeds City Art Gallery currently has a touring exhibition until May 24 from the Arts Council collection , “One Day , Something Happens : Paintings of People” . That is a quote by Sickert some of whose work was on display alongside other 20c painters , more recent acquisitions and non-paintings . Some of these were also selected from Leeds’ collections . The point was , I think , the curator . I won’t give the name because I wasn’t impressed . Painters I usually like ( eg Hockney ) were represented with boring to awful stuff . I had never realised Sickert could do such muddy portraits – relieved only by reddish bits or lumpiness on the faces .

The painting above was by Lynette Yiadom-Boakye (born London 1977) . It’s the one I remember best from my quick look round and I will definitely go back to spend more time in front of it . It is big with the 2 girls being life size or almost . What I liked about it was how English the beach and sky looked . That kind of uninteresting grey is common the year round and doesn’t have much to do with temperature or even time of day . The girls are black because the painter is of Ghanaian ancestry .

As to my pottery class I have no pictures because my new shiny mobile ‘phone had not yet been delivered (not that I can operate the camera on it yet) . I was not able to try and throw more bowls because both wheels were occupied at first so I started yet another coil pot before being able to turn last week’s bowl . I then lost one of my tools while slip decorating it in a great hurry at the end . Next week is the last week of this term . I have signed up for the next set of classes after Easter since we will not be moving until the summer . I hope I can become more consistent on the wheel and get to grips with my new shiny things (I also have a new computer) beforehand to document same .


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2 Responses to LCA & LCAG

  1. dapherbs says:

    Inspiring painting – something about the seaside makes people, not just children, completely absorbed.

  2. ARTmoses says:

    This is a wonderful painting. I love it.

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