Last pottery class before Easter

Well , I couldn’t glaze anything because one piece was still in the kiln and the other was yet to go in . Instead I worked on the 2nd coiled pot I had started while waiting for the wheel last week .dblespout

This is a sketch – the top is an idealized version , the bottom shows the lines of scraping with a hacksaw blade . It’s another irregular pot inspired by pre-Columbian work which I used to do so much of about 20 years ago . Like this –


stgrdrgn86– or this stirrup pot . Actually it was going to be another stirrup pot but the proportions were wrong particularly once I had started the necks . So it will be another multiple necker like

whseacr050                or         stbrsea86

Since the clay is like the left hand one I was trying to get the shape as refined – hence the hacksaw blade . It is still a bit heavy but I will be decorating it differently , probably sgraffito through slip . Anyway I will see at the next class after Easter .


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Ceramic & textile artist
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3 Responses to Last pottery class before Easter

  1. kathy bergen says:

    I love looking at your pottery…love the shapes and what you have done with them. I am looking forward to seeing your new finished piece!

  2. rukshanaafia says:

    Thank you!

  3. ashantininja says:

    Very interesting and organic shapes. They remind me of many different parts of the body, so unique.

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