Calligraphy exhibition

This was in Leeds Central Library’s Artspace where the exhibitors are usually local artists or groups . This time it was –


IMG_20150331_111709                                                                                                           IMG_20150331_111655







I love calligraphy , in any language and once took a course in it – thinking I might do some later…. So I could have been in this group . A good piece must be readable within the rules of the script , look good and be well placed in terms of anything else on the page/the meaning of the words . By ‘looking good’ I mean on general principles of colour , line and composition e.g.

IMG_20150331_112422                                IMG_20150331_112106

These 2 are my favourites ; however the left hand one is quite a bit harder to read in fact – the right hand one was partly behind a pillar but still clearer .


IMG_20150331_112241                                          IMG_20150331_112221

Here is another ‘pillared’ one – a pity since the map drawing and old prints incorporated made it an unusual example .




There was even a calligram – not so usual in the Latin script as the Arabic .



I would have liked it better if it hadn’t said black cats were unlucky – you have to consider the words as well as the skill in the execution of them .


IMG_20150331_111927                               IMG_20150331_111932


This was a really fun piece about calligraphy itself and the problems even the most skilled have – jogged elbows , cats walking on wet ink , inattention leading to misspelling and repeated words . Apparently we calligraphers have no patron saint but a specialised devil called Titivus . ( I had thought there was a photograph of the right hand side as well but ) .

All the illustrations done by one of my new shiny toys – the smartphone . I will improve I hope , so far I must thank Habib for his patient explanations .

As to categories labelling the post – do you think calligraphy is closer to drawing or painting ?







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2 Responses to Calligraphy exhibition

  1. kathy bergen says:

    I think Calligraphy is closer to drawing than painting…but it can be either. I have a close friend who used to do calligraphy on commission…she would do all the graduation diplomas by hand. She was very good. The money was good, when in season…but could not support her. The Calligraphy cat here is very interesting. My friend gave me the first calligraphy book…how to, and I learned from it…but never got very good. Very interesting post.

  2. ashantininja says:

    I love calligraphy too.

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