“A Study of Modern Japanese Sculpture” – Henry Moore Institute , Leeds


'About the Stone' - wood 1928 Heihachi Hashimoto

‘About the Stone’ – wood 1928 Heihachi Hashimoto

Original model for 'About the Stone'

Original model for ‘About the Stone’

Unfortunately this exhibition’s last day is tomorrow . It hasn’t been widely advertised and is almost invisible within the Institute being in the tiny Gallery 4  . Also the leaflets outside refer to the major exhibition ! However if you can get to it it is lovely . Historically ‘modern’ refers to the time after the Meiji restoration (1868) when Japan was opened up to the West by force . This had interesting effects on European painting and the blurb for this exhibition suggests a reciprocal effect on Japanese sculpture . I don’t know – to my eye the work looks very much like netsuke (I hope I have remembered correctly)  but a bit bigger . 8 out of the 9 pieces are carved in wood and 7 of the 8 are painted . I would have thought that was all pretty traditional , particularly with the skill and resulting beauty . The piece shown above ( one of two which are obviously modern/Western influenced )  is both clever in its idea and brilliant in execution – the stone and it’s carved wooden copy are displayed together . More favourites –

"A Couple of White Paddy Birds" 1931- Kotaro Takamura

“A Couple of White Paddy – birds” 1931 – Kotaro Takamura

Detail of 'A Couple of White Paddy-birds

Detail of ‘A Couple of White Paddy-birds

The stand is also so beautifully made !

"Hibernation" 1928 - Chozan Sato

“Hibernation” 1928 – Chozan Sato

This is of a toad hibernating . The bottom of the case reflects the base of the piece .

"Spiny Lobster" 1926 - Tetsuya Mizunoya

“Spiny Lobster” 1926 – Tetsuya Mizunoya

Good enough to eat ! (Supposing you like and are permitted to eat seafood , of course .)


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One Response to “A Study of Modern Japanese Sculpture” – Henry Moore Institute , Leeds

  1. kathy bergen says:

    Very interesting and unique art show! It was fortunate that you found it. The one entitled: “About the Stone” is quite amazing…carved wood made to look like a real stone. I love the bird carvings and the spiney lobster is amazing…no, I do not like sea food..and don’t like killing for food. But as a work of art…it is lovely! Thank you for sharing.

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