Work in progress – both kinds

I’ve got this far with one textile piece ,

Plaited synthetics

Plaited synthetics

but am unsure how to hang it . I was pleased with the net remnant I found – both for the colour and the effect of layering it which is not unlike tissue paper – however any loop or ring I put on the back is going to show up quite clearly . Thinks…..

Pottery classes at Leeds College of Art started again this week . My 1st wheel made pot had still not been fired ,

Bowl with birds on

Bowl with birds 

but my handbuilt one had so I was able to glaze it .

Pot with curls

Pot with curls

Maybe it will be ready to take home next week . There are less students signed up for the summer but 2 of them were ensconced on the wheels by the time I was sorting out what to do next so I went back to the double spouted pot I had left wrapped in plastic over Easter . I had mislaid my tools at home again so did not spend much time improving the shape but painted it with slip and started scratching through , a technique called sgraffito .

Double spout one side

Double spout one side

Double spout -other side

Double spout -other side


I didn’t get very far in covering the whole thing with my trademark arabesque as you can see . The mauve colour of the slip is from cobalt carbonate which will fire blue and the sgraffito should then be white with a clear or white glaze . I tried to get this effect with copper green here –

White stoneware vase 1987

White stoneware vase 1987

but the colour burnt out , you can just see where the cream colour is a bit more grey . Cobalt is very reliable , too much so some would say .


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7 Responses to Work in progress – both kinds

  1. dapherbs says:

    Fascinating stuff

  2. kathy bergen says:

    I enjoy your work and hearing you talk about it…love the double spouted pot! This is very unusual and I’ve never seen one like it except in your work….love the sgraffito effect…never heard of it before. I should love to take a pottery class. For my hanging fabric pieces…I usually want to get them under glass so they will be preserved from dust and dirt…but I like to hang them with some kind of fabric…because they are fabric. Thanks for sharing!

  3. jhv57 says:

    I work with fabric. Could you line the piece? Tulle or other translucent material? Silver lame? Paper? I sometimes use a dowel/stick/metal rod above the piece, proper. Attach with thread or filament. Working outside the box! Get to create new strategies, which I find fun.

    • rukshanaafia says:

      Yes indeed to new strategies . Lining is a good idea thanks – and lamé could be fun as a way of emphasizing the light through the layers . I had considered dowelling which I’ve used before but thought it would be a bit much – it’s only about 15″ not-quite-square . I’ll mock up some possibilities and see what they look like .

  4. Really beautiful textile and the pottery pieces work as lovely organic shapes and have a feeling of movement in them.

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