Pottery at last

There wasn’t a class last week because the tutor was ill – we will get an extra to make up . In the meantime my glazed pot was finally fired :

IMG_20150512_191701          IMG_20150512_191712

Apparently I don’t have to pay for it – unusual since everywhere else I’ve had to pay a firing charge including at school !

I also glazed my one wheel made bowl –


after grinding off some of the blue slip which seeped under the paper stencils .  And I completed the arabesques on the double spouted effort . It now awaits its first firing .

IMG_20150512_191455I went home early because the 2 wheels were occupied again and I thought if I started another coiled pot I would have to work on it next week and might miss a wheel opportunity yet again . I love handbuilding  but I came to this class to learn wheel technique ! Besides I’d rather build with my own choice of clay , using my own coloured slip and glaze recipes .



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Ceramic & textile artist
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4 Responses to Pottery at last

  1. dapherbs says:

    Determination pays off – glad you are back in clay.
    Beautiful stuff

  2. kathy bergen says:

    Wow…Rukshana…I love your pottery!!!! I am so impressed with the double spouted pot….the hand made designs really make it beautiful! I love all 3 of these lovely pottery pieces! They are all so unique and gorgeous! If I had more money,I would be buying from you.

  3. Your pots are wonderful, different styles and I love all of them! Well done!

  4. rukshanaafia says:

    Thank you all !

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