More pottery – it’s the real thing

This week after 3 weeks of utter failure on the wheel – I don’t think I just had 3 bad days , I think I’ve lost it – I lugged a very heavy large press mould to the class . I made 2 – bisque not plaster – years ago but have not used either yet . This week it was the hexagonal one’s turn ;

IMG_20150602_195955 IMG_20150602_203014_2

I did it in my favourite white stoneware and arabesqued it in blue slip . I did trim it a bit more than is shown so it has a chance of not cracking as it shrinks . I tried to make the mould so that it could do 2 sizes of plate – which is why you can see a kind of ripple on it .

Overall my idea was always to make plates from press moulds , taller-than-they-are-wide pots from coils and learn throwing to do bowls . I guess this is yet another failed attempt at learning throwing – the one bowl I made is just a fluke . However much the tutor tries to be encouraging – it’s her job – lots of other people in the (only weekly) class have progressed considerably on the wheel .

IMG_20150603_110217 IMG_20150603_110236

The double spouted effort now out of the kiln . I quite like the ‘crayoned’ effect with cobalt slip but I think I should have improved the coverage so that the sgraffito showed up more .


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6 Responses to More pottery – it’s the real thing

  1. dapherbs says:

    I see – maybe more sgraffito? Looks good nevertheless and remember it wasn’t your fault it dried out so quickly.
    I still think you can get the hang of throwing – you did it once – you can do it again.

  2. don’t be discouraged with the throwing – one day it will suddenly come together and then it will become easier and improvement will be more rapid šŸ™‚

  3. rukshanaafia says:

    Thank you ! Altho’ it did come together successfully after 2 sessions some weeks ago and has now gone – I don’t know how anyone can retain a new manual skill without consolidating practice which has just not been possible in a weekly evening class where you are lucky to get 1/2 an hour on one of only 3 wheels !

  4. kathy bergen says:

    No…that is not enough time to get into the flow of what you are doing! I don’t know much about pottery, but I think these 2 pieces are beautiful…what am I missing here?

  5. rukshanaafia says:

    Thank you . They aren’t wheel thrown is all .

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