Leeds College of Art end of year students’ exhibitions & some more pottery

I missed last week’s class from exhaustion but was early this week and accompanied by Habib so he came in to see some of the exhibits with me . The BA Visual Communication students were the most impressive . Habib picked up a card of Zoe East who was showing short videos of manual processes in leatherwork , pottery and metalwork . Extremely well filmed , maybe we will be able to hire her for publicity if the joint workshop project goes well ! Then there was the work of Lucy Banks , illustrator/printmaker/musician :

BanksLcard                    BanksLucypyr

The first photo is of a laser cut card and the second is surely pyrography – or printed to look like it . We also liked Sophie Kirk’s jewellery :

KirkS2         KirkS3

I could imagine wearing these – despite being rather destructive to necklaces ! Habib’s favourite was :


2 pieces I didn’t find artists’ cards for (and didn’t note the names) :

IMG_20150616_191816          IMG_20150616_191523

The first is a miniature stage set by a set designer and the second is an embroidered world map with extra wooden labels giving information on working conditions & wages . I will have to get their names .

Once at my class I found that my press-moulded plate had dried completely without any cracking – and still didn’t crack when I took it out of the mould .

IMG_20150616_191302While waiting for a wheel I found my mobile and took the above pictures as well as this one from the BA Art&Design (Interdisciplinary) exhibition :IMG_20150616_191408I am not sure why she had been a student on this course rather than VisCom since the rest of the students’ work was pretentious , unoriginal and irritating/boring i.e. very fine art . I’ll have to see the actual BA Fine Art work to get a feel for the differences between the 3 courses .

I had more wheel attempts resulting in 3 possible bowls which I am not convinced are centred but I should have fun next week trying to turn them . I like turning anyway (despite Bernard Leach’s disapproval) . With any luck I should be able to mask some of the imperfection !

Meantime for further information about the artists above – for Zoe East see here , for Lucy Banks see here & for Sophie Kirk see here .





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One Response to Leeds College of Art end of year students’ exhibitions & some more pottery

  1. kathy bergen says:

    I have found even some high school end of year art shows to be as good as many professional art shows. I am looking forward to hearing how the art workshop with you and Habib goes…I do hope it goes very well. Does Donald have any art talents? Still, it is a family affair. I have seen some of Habib’s furniture that you posted on facebook some time ago, and he is very good.

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