Last of LCA pottery and an interesting exhibition locally

Last week my bowls were a bit too wet to turn properly – altho’ I tried – but would obviously not have been worth saving anyway . Unlike every other pottery class I have attended it is impossible to check on the dampness/dryness of pots between classes to catch them for work at the right time or to modify the wrapping to change the drying rate . I guess I will have to wait for my own wheel – Habib has ideas on how to construct one – and practise everyday until I ‘get it’ enough to repeat at will . And all the end of year exhibitions were over ! So I never did get the names or see the BA Fine Art people .

Yesterday I went to this –


This was at Inkwell Arts a local space that runs art&craft workshops and other non-clinical services for people with mental health problems . Exhibitions are put on in the café – which will be worth a visit when Ramadan is over ! Amanda Burton has a wonderful line as you can see and I probably liked her ink drawings and mixed media pieces more than the paintings ,

BurtonAEden              BurtonAmother-and-child

On the left is ‘Eden’ in acrylic ink and on the right is ‘Mother and child ‘ in acrylic paint . The ink and mixed media pieces reflected her scientific background in being meticulous biological patterns – which is absolutely up my street of course ! She says she is consciously trying to work differently , less “self-indulgently” . I hope this is not the puritanical abstract imperative winning over feminine decorative weakness ! A tiresome theme .

She also works in jewellery which is clearly related stylistically , see her Facebook page for it here .

I was unable to take pictures because it was in an almost empty café – and her new work is not up on her Facebook pages yet ( the other one , for Fine Art , can be seen here ) . It is however on her informative website here .


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6 Responses to Last of LCA pottery and an interesting exhibition locally

  1. dapherbs says:

    Beautiful stuff -must get up to Inkwell. Thanks for posting

  2. I run weekly classes from my studio, and i find that putting freshly thrown pots in polystyrene containers for the week usually ends with them being ideal for turning a later – depending on the external environment …. but it may be an idea for you….

    • rukshanaafia says:

      Not possible here – the choice was between polythene or not in a so-called damp cupboard in a studio which had underfloor heating until the end of May (controlled from London) . Extra water in yogurt pots was put in between the crowded pots . I chose loose polythene for one week – 2 would definitely have been too dry as was 1 week without polythene . There’s no good substitute for inspecting every day which luxury I am unfortunately used to !

  3. kathy bergen says:

    Did you mean that Habib knows how to make a kiln? Did I misunderstand? I hope you are able to obtain your own kiln very soon…your pottery is stunning and thought provoking.

    Amanda Burton has a beautiful, fine line in her work…very artistic. I like it a lot.

  4. rukshanaafia says:

    Every potter need a kiln and many build their own since readymade electric or gas ones are ‘investment’ prices . I have some basic designs in an excellent David Green book . As to wheels I was hoping to get a 2nd hand treadle one and asked Habib if he could make one . He suggested basing it on bicycle pedals instead – he has a bicycle mechanic friend with access to parts of dead ones . I told the LCA tutor and she said she had heard of others doing this .

  5. kathy bergen says:

    I hope it works out for you…let us all know.

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