New home , new workspaces

We have been in York now for about 6 weeks and predictably there are still boxes all over the place , although not as many . I need space for drawing/painting/collage/calligraphy , for ceramics and for textiles . The house was chosen with this in mind – balanced out by needing less space for other things .

The 2d stuff can be done in the conservatory/sunroom even in winter (it is heated) .

2016-07-25 17.23.292016-07-25 17.20.51

As you can see there are big windows on 2 sides with plenty of inspiration to see through them . I also have a big easel – currently missing pegs – which I inherited from my mother , one of my A3 portfolios & my calligraphy board stored against the non window , non radiator wall .

The textiles will eventually be done on the front room floor and machined on a folding table Habib plans to design and make for me when he has the time . Until then it will be back to the dining table as before (but with more space) .

The ceramics will be done in my share of the double garage now cluttered with boxes etc.

2016-07-25 17.15.55

2016-07-25 17.14.20

My section will be against the brick wall to the right of the window and to the left of the full width garage door . There will be plenty of room for shelving (our Ikea Sten – alas no longer available) and an electric kiln . My work which is properly packed in boxes will go in the crawl space above the rafters – and help insulate the place . The opposite wall already has the washing machine and chest freezer so will eventually have a toilet & sink so that I will have water for pottery and any dyeing of textiles . I haven’t decided yet whether to have a wheel or not .

Unfortunately it also looks as if I will have to store my beautiful Art books here !



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5 Responses to New home , new workspaces

  1. dapherbs says:

    We’ll get there!

  2. Kathy Bergen says:

    Wow! I love your new home! Is it a house? I LOVE the sunroom…love lots of big windows with light pouring in…and your yard is beautiful with lovely greenery. I love the way you are planning it all out…can’t wait to hear how it all comes together and works for you. I currently don’t have “my own space” to do my art…I have what I am working on in the kitchen on a counter. Unfortunately, Dan has spilled food and liquids all over it…and the cats have knocked things down and lost them…and last week, my clay disappeared…and the fairy I was sculpting…I assume they were knocked into the trash can right below the counter by the nefarious cats. So…luckily, I had new clay…but I have to be very careful. I hope you keep us posted on how things are going with your work and your creative space.,

  3. SonniQ says:

    It looks like you have a wonderful place to create. So much greenery outside. Have fun!

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