Local exhibitions week – Part 1

On Monday we went to Scarborough for the day and discovered that 2 places I had heard of – Crescent Arts & Scarborough Art Gallery were shut on Mondays . The other Arty place on The Crescent  – Woodend’s Art & Craft Gallery was open . Woodend , built in 1835 , is the house where Edith Sitwell was born and lived with her brothers before going to London and scintillating as much as the Bloomsbury set . It has been converted into ‘creative workspaces’ ie offices/meeting rooms plus a selling gallery .


The current exhibition is an open show , “Moors & Coast” on from 1 August until 30 September featuring work in 2d & 3d from North Yorkshire artists . It is extensive and gives a real sense of the distinctive landscape . There were literally too many works to note down every good printmaker/draughtsperson (and no catalogue alas !) so you should just see it if you can . There was some striking textile work –


This is ‘Waterdress’ by Joan Murray (£470 – & think how much can be spent on wedding dresses !) , knitted in raw silk , cotton and fine wool . The photograph shows the blue a bit too bright . The front/overdress is more tweedy incorporating navy , grey , brown and purple . Part of it is another wheel like the one forming the clearer coloured underdress at the back . There is a Youtube video explaining how she came to use dancers to model her clothes , some of the resulting videos can be seen on her website http://www.joanmurray.co.uk

The other fascinating textile piece was by Carol Coleman –


‘Cliffhanger’ is part of a series on the cliffs below the castle at Scarborough , now dangerous because they are crumbling and will disappear into the sea not that long into the future . Anyway this is actually embroidered all over . The effect was of moss stitch but that is a hand stitch and would have taken years ! She explains that it is in fact machine ‘free’ embroidery so  would only take hours/days . I have never done this sort of thing so densely or with so many closely related colours . You really can’t get the effect properly from a photograph I’m afraid although there are some more detailed banners on her (still being built) website http://www.fibredance.com







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One Response to Local exhibitions week – Part 1

  1. Kathy Bergen says:

    I am sooo impressed with “Cliffhanger”…I love embroider work and love the lovely paintings done with embroidery. I love Chinese embroidery…painting pictures with embroidery floss. That is what this “Cliffhanger” is. I love the scene also…a cliff above the sea. I miss the ocean here in Colorado.

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