Before trying to get back into some daily work I thought I’d get together the 2d art materials which I have and see what colours I can use to expand what I do with watercolour pencils . My course in painting and drawing last year had reminded me about oil pastels – which I always much preferred to ‘real’ pastels – and I had at least learned how to do colour washes (but not much else) with watercolours . Unfortunately the oil pastels inherited from my mother were overly dry – as were most of the watercolours I had in tubes . Why were we recommended to buy them ? So I found a tiny art supplies shop recommended by Winsor & Newton and bought the smallest sets of oil pastels and block watercolours I could find . I haven’t tried the oil pastels out in a proper drawing yet – I was hoping they might be useful in representing our cats’ fur – but have been trying out watercolour washes :


Here are 8 small test pieces using colours in my usual groups except for the top left one which already had a sky (grey , blue) background waiting for a foreground which I never got round to . Because I hate throwing expensive stuff away (proper watercolour paper) I tried lines in felt tip on top and then tried them on the others as well . Actually the 2 that look best – bottom row right and 2nd from left – have nothing on top . Watercolour crayons would be more flexible than felt tip anyway . I have an obsession with trying to find a use for things we still have – we got them years ago when our son was little because they were made from vegetable colours and hence washable , non-toxic . So why am I trying to use them now ? I prefer almost everything else except biro for linework !



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6 Responses to Colours

  1. dapherbs says:

    For all your negative reasons for doing these they are nevertheless quite lovely!

  2. rukshanaafia says:

    Thank you .

  3. Kathy Bergen says:

    Your drawings and colors are very lovely…beautiful movement in them and the colors are striking. I, too, try and use everything I have…but there comes a time when I dump the hard tube of paint and buy new ones. I know they have watercolor pencils…never heard of watercolor pastels. I stared with chalk pastels many years ago.

  4. Kathy Bergen says:

    Sorry….I meant to say: “I started with…”

  5. rukshanaafia says:

    Thank you also !
    It is a bit confusing the way I wrote this but there are watercolour pencils/crayons and oil pastels . Oil pastels are like a cross between wax crayons and chalk-type pastels . So they will blend almost as well as chalk pastels but will also work in layers like wax crayons so that you can eg scratch thru’ one colour to the one underneath . Also they don’t need fixing . It is supposed to be possible to paint turpentine under or over them to get an effect like oil paint but I’ve not managed this !

    • Kathy Bergen says:

      I never knew that they didn’t need fixing! I always used to fix mine up the yin yang. I got oil pastels and colored pencils after I had been working with the chalk kind….and I found them quite impossible to use. But through the years, I finally started using the oil based colored pencils and found them to work well. But I still can’t use the oil based pastels. I loved the chalk ones…and loved that I could carry them into nature and sketch in color. And I have never heard of being able to use turpentine with oil pastels!

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