An exhibition I actually liked + odds & ends

5 votives and one inkjet printed paper stack

Finally after seeing several exhibitions which annoyed me – but not badly enough to want to write about – I saw “Votives” by Aleksandra Domanović at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds . I was drawn back yesterday & read all the stuff accompanying the exhibition – which does not always help .

There were 6 pieces which were updated votive statues based on specific Ancient Greek originals , 6 paper stacks arranged in 2 groups of 3 and a film of hers ‘Turbo Sculpture’ about postwar public works in the former Yugoslavia where Domanović was born in 1981 (although she is now based in Berlin at the Altes museum) . I would recommend the film , on its own , simply for the information it contains . It is worrying or intriguing that anywhere would invest public money in works depicting international celebrities (Bruce Lee to Madonna) presumably because they are irrelevant to recent & painful history/geography . As to the rest ; I’ve seen stuff like the edge printed paper stacks before – ok but I confess a preference for the random patterns you get from the printer doing hundreds of pages with leaking black ink ! It was the votive pieces that really got to me .

‘Partridge’ 2016

They were beautiful , impressive and endlessly visually interesting whether or not you read the notes . I particularly liked the backs of the sculptures (which you can see in the top image) where you could see the reverse of limbs implied but not see from the  front . The effect was of contour lines hollowed out . I’ve always liked contour lines . The notes stressed the modern techniques & materials ; laser sintering , 3d printing , kevlar . I don’t know why – sculptors have always used new materials and whatever was the latest technology . 3d printing is electronically controlled  injection moulding and so can reproduce designs very accurately with very long runs . But reproducibility is not new . Smaller votive pieces were often sold outside temples and eg I’ve seen Etruscan terracotta figures in 3 sizes (and presumably 3 prices) alongside the moulds that were used to produce them .

Odds & ends

My workshop is not up & running yet but I am trying to draw more – how can I call myself an artist if I don’t do stuff ? I may also try again for a PhD so must draw up a coherent research proposal &/or some sort of timetable for at least textile work as well as other 2d . And I must blog more often than once in 7/8 months !


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5 Responses to An exhibition I actually liked + odds & ends

  1. Kathy Bergen says:

    I hope you forgive me for the quick and not so nice comment I made on facebook…I did not know that was your Blog! Oftentimes, I am hasty and move on before obtaining proper information. I like the idea of votive pieces…and I, too, like contour lines and the indented impressions of the arms in the photo on top. But, on the whole, I am not impressed with the work. Wish I could have seen the film. And I don’t know what printed paper stacks are!

    As to your work…you seem to have been busy doing other things, which happens. You just have to set priorities. Maybe you are going through a tough period where you don’t quite know where you want or need to go…this can keep you from working on your art….it can freeze you, though. Draw every day. Or something…even just a little.

  2. rukshanaafia says:

    There’s a printed paper stack in front of the top picture and to the left . I didn’t know what else to call them . These are made by inkjet printing in colour on A4 paper without leaving a border so that the lines visible at the sides build up to form shapes . Here she has programmed the printer in such a way as to reproduce photos . There is also a plastic layer dividing the faces from the overexposed white flowers on grass .
    And thanks for the encouragement .

    • Kathy Bergen says:

      Wow! I am very Impressed with the paper stack!!! I have never seen anything like it! It is amazing. Thanks for posting this and for explaining. I need to be able to get out to more art shows. Many different things are happening.

      I still very much admire your art work of all kinds and hope that you do make it a strong priority to do one simple thing in art each day…and you will build up fast, I know.

  3. rukshanaafia says:

    And thanks for the mention of Marisol Escobar . I do like her wooden block sculptures and would have put some in for comparison but we have had 2 days’ difficulty with uploading images !

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