A few things to note before going to exhibitions next week (and I hope blogging about them) . Firstly my son has finished the first 2 wooden frames for my 2d work ;

Wood dragon & Blue/green paisley

The idea with (largely) his design was to find something that would be a signature frame for most of my work which tends to be watercolour crayon on A4 or A3 paper  and unsuitable for mounts . This would then advertise his workmanship too . I like these and think they are exactly right . I have found that 2d stuff without frames or at least mounts is practically unsaleable .

He suggested also that I should do a daily watercolour of the garden to catch the changing plants and seasonal colour . This would be fast and make me learn to work with watercolour paint & not just the crayons I am used to . At least if I pay attention mostly to the colour I will produce more fodder for collages ! Maybe I need more sizes of pad ?

I have also read a book he recommended  , “Hammer Head -The Making of a Carpenter” by Nina MacLaughlin . The author was a journalist who did Classics at university but became a carpenter because ‘something more immediate , more physical , more practical and tangible appealed to me , and had for some time .’ She also refers to Gabriel García Márquez’ saying ‘ultimately literature is nothing but carpentry’ before admitting a few sentences later that he had never done any carpentry himself ! She says ‘If he had , he’d know that a piece of wood is not the same as words . A wall is real ……Words are ghosty and mutable .’ Which I think anyone who works with physical material and their hands would understand .

Finally I am going to apply to do a PhD again . Overly stubborn or worse ? I won’t say much more until later on but nice people are helping me so I am hopeful .



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  1. Kathy Bergen says:

    I LOVE your art work…the wood dragon is wonderful and I love the paisley work. Your son did a beautiful job in framing the pieces…as you said: “Perfect”. I agree with him whole-heartedly that you should do watercolors of your backyard and paint the changing colors and shapes…I’d love to see them. I hope you are able to get back into school and earn your PhD…will it be in art? Keep us posted.

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